Wednesday, December 15, 2010

following Line.

I was visiting my alumni's website for some reason yesterday and came across the work of Line Bruntse and love it. (as well as love her name)

Line explores space and its sensual experience through her sculptural works.

She states:
Experiences other than visual are the most sensual carriers of personal history. Sense of touch, whether imagined or real, is a potent memory trigger along with smells we remember. Sense of space - confined or expansive, safe or unsettling - is a physically felt experience related to architectural context. I combine these memory triggers and architectural references in my installations to make the intent of the piece “universally personal”. I am interested in the state of mind represented and enveloped by my installations.
Line's work often utilizes fiber or references fiber processes particularly quilting and crochet.
See more of her work here.

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LineB said...

Love what you wrote about my work but I just thought you should I am a woman ;)