Friday, July 29, 2011

a mess with "redemptive power."

I would say this is not my normal aesthetic but one of my friends/students mentioned Agathe Snow after yoga this morning and...

her jumbled, anti-aesthetic, mess of work fits my mood perfect. I feel quite "jumbled, anti-everything, and a total mess" right now myself.

But Agathe's work is so much more then that. She grew up with the hedonistic boys’ club of influential downtown artists and was married to Dash Snow for 9 years. And their influence on her work is evident but she is such her own artist as well. Coming from this genre of art as a female and having a unique and optimistic voice as well as a great sense of color.

She creates mixed media works and often builds community events around them. Such as a dance party amongst her sculptures. Somehow the aesthetic of the work with the communal and playful approach creates a wonderful contrast of embracing the good and bad of life.

The press release of her recent solo show at the Berlin Guggenheim states:

Agathe Snow's work balances visions of apocalypse, rebellion, and social breakdown with an earnest belief in the redemptive power of human ingenuity and community. Her performances and sprawling, multimedia installations expand outwards from intricately imagined narrative frameworks and are frequently activated by the direct participation of the viewer. Snow's longstanding interest in the complex strands that bind people to places has inspired

I love this: redemptive power of human ingenuity and community

I know very little about her work but today I would love to be amongst these strange objects, which represent her past loves, walking amongst them, dancing among them, feeling at home amongst their mess.

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