Friday, July 29, 2011

not wanting to be home.

My "day in the studio" yesterday did not go as planned- because I never got in the studio. Now that I have t- I treasure and look desperately forward to my few hours a week alone in the studio. So when I got to my studio yesterday morning and realized I was locked out (due to a complicated and not interesting story) I was so dismayed.

laying it out.

But with nothing I could do I headed back home and tried to use my few hours to the best. Luckily I have a project at home that I was able to work on. But I cannot describe how good it feels to be in my studio with my NPR playing and the stillness around me. It truly is my little world and the reality is I need to get there more. I am still getting a ton of work done at home but taking the time and space to work in my world is essential.

ironing it on.

The reality is I could go and work at night more. And am thinking maybe I need to. I will miss wasting my brain away on the Real Housewives of NYC but in the end will be a happier person and a better mama and wife.

after it is all cut out and trimmed. Almost done.. Now i just need to find my sewing machine pedal.

This weekend I am in the crunch of finishing everything up for my show. I am hoping to get everything shipped by Monday so that I do not need to pay extra for expedited shipping. But we will see.

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Anonymous said...

I love "home"and recognize many pieces. I actually love it against the wood. You feel the warmth.