Tuesday, July 19, 2011

hipster's in thread.

I just saw the work of Daniel Kornrumpf. Awesome.

His style and technique of embroidery remind me very much of the work of Cayce Zavaglia but his choice of portrait subject and placement of the figure is quite different and a bit more young feeling.

It is obvious through his work that he too comes from a painting background and his paintings are gorgeous and a little more expressive in his use of the hand then his embroidery.

I find it interesting in how he actually keeps the embroidery quite small on a large linen, which is a definite trend in the current world of drawing.

color pencil.

And his uber hipster subject matter amuses me.

See more here.


Champagne/CrushParty/StitchPoet said...

:-O Freaking amazing! WOW!

Joetta M. said...

yep, i agree.

Jody McDowell said...

these are incredible!! now following you at the recommendation of kristen from knotted nest :)

Joetta M. said...

jody- glad you found me and thanks to Kristen. incredible work indeed.