Thursday, January 3, 2013

break, curate and we go again...

I hope your holidays were grand and full of cheer.  Mine were a-ok beside the WAY too much time in the car bit. But I also enjoyed a MUCH needed break from the blog, the studio, life.  Now I am back, whatever that turns out to mean. 

But in the awesome and wonderful good front, I am working hard on completing the curation of my next curatorial endeavor, Down to sleep. The submissions, of course, all came in at the very last minute, indeed I was getting nervous there at the end as I always do. But they came, they flooded in.  As always the show took an unexpected turn with the submissions but needless to say it is really going to be a great show. Tons of large scale totally awesome work, including a few installations. Surprisingly less narrative & literal work then I expected, lots of more poetic stuff.

I am waiting to finalize some last artists as I need to actually do some measuring and see how much work I can fit in the space. A lot of the work submitted was on the large side.  I cannot wait to start featuring the artists selected and not selected and announce the list of artists participating.

The images in the post are a sneak peak from details shots of 4 accepted works, from top to bottom the artists are: Rebecca Fricke, Hagar Vardimon, Michelle Urbanek & Jenne Giles.

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Jane said...

good luck with you're new show