Tuesday, January 8, 2013

what in next?

A lot of endings happening this weekend.  My shows in Massachusetts, London and New York all end this week. It is a little strange as I do not have much lined up after this.  I am in a very excellent group show at a university in the spring and then of course have my curatorial exhibit coming up. But that's it.  It feels a little strange. I do have these 2 wonderful bodies of work to promote and find exhibition homes for but...

It is indeed the cycle of being an artist always what is next?  What is next in the studio, where is next in the exhibition world, what is next... what can be better, moving forward, etc, etc, and in truth I know that no matter what level of success you get this is the cycle of an artists life.

I feel that right now I am finally at a kind of peace with it. For the last 8 years I have been going full force.  With graduate school and my 5 years in Brooklyn and now it seems like a time to look at all that I have done and all that I have accomplished and soak it in, mature about it to see what is coming next where will this work and experience take me.  So for now I feel just fine stitching slowly, for no exhibit, for no opportunity but the opportunity be making in my studio.

and that feels good.


hannalietaute said...

do you find yourself suffering from post exhibition blues sometimes. I like the positive ending to this post. it reminds me of sol levitt's advice to eva hesse....just do!

Joetta M. said...

I do a little bit but I usually so focused on what's next that it helps. But actually this is the first time something big is not "next" which makes me nervous but also looking forward to some space with my work.
Solo shows are always the hardest though.