Thursday, January 3, 2013

how is your hem?

Oh, how I wish I could see the show, Hemmed In, which features my work amongst so many other totally wonderful, talented and awesome artists.  I am beyond grateful to be swingin' with this crowd. 

the curator Jamie Chalmers, with some of the artists.

As of yet there are not really any great photos of the installation but a few have popped up on the web-o-sphere so I thought I would share... they are pretty random selections from folks that went and posted on FB.


 There is my work, not hung as tight as I'd like but looking good.

Don't you wish you could go too...  Details (& artists names) here for you Brits. There are a handful of folks that are new to me and I am looking forward to spending some time checking out their work some more... when I have time. HA

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