Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a delicate mess.

My most recent Future Heirlooms artist led me to research the ceramicist Joke Schole. Her work is a wonderful delicate mess. She combines many elements to make fantastical works from porcelain.

She often somehow incorporates elements of fabric from a lace pressing to an addition of ribbon or trim into her works.

In a recent press release about her work this was said:

Joke Schole’s creations challenge the viewer to engage in a dialogue. Her art is based on storytelling, it’s symbolic, full of humour and harmony, and yet often profound.
Using fine porcelain, sometimes combined with textiles, paint, or other materials, Joke’s work creates something unexpected. The soul in her creations comes, from the playful approach to her work where she combines a regular and repetitive approach with irregularity and the unexpected …..but the details make the perfection.

See more work here and here.


Kreetta said...

Hi Joetta!
Her work is interesting! Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!

Joetta M. said...

i thought her work was quite intriguing and a little different then my normal posts.