Thursday, March 21, 2013


It is funny to look back and see how when I was lucky enough to be in the studio full-time I was always being frantic and pushing myself, never getting enough done.  And now with all that I am balancing I feel as if I have finally come to a peace- and simply do what I can and let that be enough.

I have some extra days in the studio this week and it has been wonderful. But it has also been wonderful to not pressure myself- for instance I let myself wander around Harvard Square for an hour yesterday and this morning hung out a little longer with my kiddo. Though these choices make me be in the studio a little less they make my life so much better and more balanced.  Which in the end makes my work so much richer.

I even organized my studio yesterday, something I rarely allow myself to do, and it feels amazing. My husband was like "it doesn't look that different." But little does he know- now things do not fall on me every time I open my cabinet, my threads are organized by color, my scissors are no longer jammed on one hook because I had crap in front of the other hook- and all of this makes me happy. So though I again have some things to do today which will pull me away from my work I will be so happy to be in my studio working when I am.

Hope you get a few minutes in your studio today.

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Thea Thijssen said...

I understand exactly what you mean, it's always to find the balans, and also that letting go. Good luck with everything