Friday, March 22, 2013

taut thread.

Sometimes simple is oh so good. Anne Lindberg has been a round for quite awhile and is known for her wall installations of thread. But her recent "thread drawings" are simple to the max and are also quite lovely.

She states this:
My sculpture and drawings inhabit a non-verbal place resonant with such primal human conditions. Systemic and non-representational, these works are subtle, rhythmic, abstract, and immersive. I find beauty and disturbance through shifts in tool, layering and material to create passages of tone, density, speed, path and frequency within a system... The work references physiological systems – such as heartbeat, respiration, neural paths, equilibrium - and psychological states.

 She has work on exhibit kind of all around the country at the moment so if you are in Philly, Kansas and some other places you might be able to see her work. Check out her website for more amazing work and her exhibition schedule.

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