Tuesday, June 18, 2013

creative community.

I wish 4 hours of stitching yielded more results, but oh it was so grand to just sit and listen to some pocasts and work. I so miss when that was my all day every day.

I have been feeling a little funky as of late- really feeling alienated from the art world especially since I have so little creative community  here. I miss my collective meetings and friends openings and such... I love the New England life but miss the NYC art. I just need to make the effort to build that here... ya know with all that extra time I have, ha.

How do you all get creative community?


hannalietaute said...

Dear Joetta,
I live in a very small coastal town, and also crave a creative community. I wish I could attend more amazing exhibitions, but the only way is via the internet, which is very frustrating. Talking about the internet and exhibitions....I thought you might like this:
Work by Walter Oltmann

Joetta M. said...

atleast we do have the internet I suppose:)