Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ritual worlds

This website drives me insane to no end. As it has no good individual pictures of the current work only installation shots, no details, and lots of blurries. The reason this is so frustrating is that the work seems so incredibly interesting, complex and considered.

The work of Saya Woolfalk.  Saya is making constructions, sculptures and performances with bright colors, ritualistic references and fabric as her medium.

She works from the place of play, dreams and constructed realities. She says this about her work:

In many ways my works become the repository of the dreams and ideas of the many people who participate in producing and imagining the contours of the works. In the tradition of the fable or folk story, I map the desires and ideas of people to create narratives that attempt to be relevant to a contemporary audience.

You can sort of see more of her work here, thought in a totally unsatisfying way. Come on lovelies make GOOD websites.

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