Monday, June 17, 2013

lets talk about our mothers.

 an interesting show and project about motherhood in Britain.

artist Tracey Kerkshaw says this about her practice:

Mundane and easily overlooked moments provide rich memories, documenting ephemeral changes, and through which I aim to communicate a true and insightful sense of my relationship with my son. ‘Non-events’ of our daily life – brushing his hair, collecting fallen peas from his plate or cutting his nails – speak of a particular time, but represent the more fundamental changes that will inevitably occurs as he grows older.
I work with video, photography, audio and text to explore the impermanence of each phase of my maternal relationship, and the irreversibility of change and forward motion. I use video footage to capture moments within a physical movement, drawing attention to the intricacies and complexities of the interactions. I aim to create a sense of intimacy, echoing the intensity of the maternal gaze.

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