Monday, June 24, 2013


I just spent 1.5 hours sifting through emails, researching galleries and calls to decide if their worth it and catching up with all my Internet art computer things and I am exhausted, frustrated and exasperated. A precious amount of my studio time is now lost and though I know I had to do those things... it does not feel any better now that they are done.

Why is it EVERY call needs different specs, different things. It seems like every single call takes me an hour and that is why I have no current upcoming shows because I just don't want to give up that time now that it has become so precious. I am really feeling the pressure on my time right now and am TERRIFIED that my career is going to go backwards and this sucks.

But what do we do when we feel this way?  We go back into the studio get reminded who we are and all goes on.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there with those necessary 'evils'. It makes artwork not so much work. Hope all that groundwork pays off with a nice show!

Kristy Bishop said...

Ughhhhhhhhh I couldn't agree more

Joetta M. said...

thanks and indeed ughhhh:)

Jen said...

That anxiety you feel is such a great thing from one view - the balance between studio and professional achievements is so hard to attain, and it just goes to show how dedicated you are to both aspects of your life. In truth, I think that balance is impossible to find - and that both ebb and flow depending on what we need at the time. I always found balancing my work and showing and my day job (among other needs/interests) to be the most difficult. In the last year though, I haven't finished a single piece. It terrifies me. I had to give it up due to tendonitis and then we bought a house (yay! but huge time-taker). But it's funny... not applying for shows has been freeing and has given me room to explore other parts of my life. :-)