Monday, June 3, 2013

short and long...


Last week my normal studio day was a holiday so not as focused as I'd like but while T was sleeping I was able to jump deep into a new piece. I really enjoyed breaking out of the tedious stitching and just playing with fabric and pins for this next work. So after a morning of computer and website work I look forward to jumping back into this.

I miss my long studio days of 2 years ago, everyday, but I do appreciate the moments I have in the studio so much more now. I also know I am a better and more complete mama, wife and woman now too.

I keep thinking on a few older artists I know. They are having really exciting moments in their careers now that their kiddos are all grown and they can throw themselves into the studio more- I realize how lucky I was to have the time, space and focus to do that at a young age and realize now how lucky and grateful I will be when that time comes again, though I am in NO rush for my kiddo to be all grown.  Life is both so short and so long.

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