Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Amazing work, emailed to me by a reader, by Walter Oltmann. He makes incredible wire drawings that reference lace doilies. Truly fabulous- the detail he gets.

From the bio at his gallery:

Wire is Walter Oltmann’s main medium for making sculptural works and he manipulates it in a way that emphasises hand-made process, using the linear quality of wire to create forms and surfaces through techniques that parallel handcrafts.

And he says this:

“I have made connections to domestic textile practices in previous artworks and continue to explore such forms of making in these works in evoking fragility and the passage of time,” explains Oltmann. “My work thus carries a very definite textile sensibility and I am interested in making connections between decorative ornament and subject matter that seems somewhat contradictory or disturbing in relation to such handcrafted embellishment.”

See more here.

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