Tuesday, July 2, 2013

hard and soft

I am loving the work of South African based artist Frances Goodman. Her work is provocative and a bit in your face but very conceptually considered and driven.

She makes work about sex, gender expectations and constraints, media, and consumerism. Using materials as varied as silk and thread to rivets and car hoods.

For the backseat series

The back seats of cars have long been the space of teenage sexual exploits, illicit interludes with prostitutes, secret, tumultuous affairs and mendacious activities. Things get left behind and fall between the seats. The empty back seat becomes a space of desire and the things that lurk in hard to reach spaces become metaphors for loss and letting go, as well as for marking territory and claiming experience.

The very items lost in seats – pearls, necklaces and earrings- are what she creates her text from.

In relationships made simple, she uses graphs, equations and charts to explain relationships and the choices that we make in them.

She has a huge amount of mature work and is so worth checking out here.

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