Tuesday, July 2, 2013

studio love.

It happened again. I committed to doing applications and totally ignored them and did work instead. I know I should just suck it up and do them just so the nagging in the back of my head goes away and undoubtedly I get atleast a yes or 2. But I just don't wanna.

So instead I worked. I felt non-committal so decided to just kind of work on everything for an hour or 2... made some progress on the newest pile work. Though as I progress I am rethinking some earlier stitches and might have to decide to pull them out. We will see.

Finally, jumped into a new text series. I have been cutting flowers for what I see as a series of 3, maybe more, for months now. Today I finally dove in and started to make the first one.  I was worried about them working but now that I have this one well on its way I just love it. Cannot wait to keep going- and sometimes it is so fun to work with my machine.

 Then stitched a bit, not much but a bit, on the newest drawing. I am feeling so good about this series of black thread drawings and as they grow really hope that in the end they find a nice home as a solo show and then nice homes in collectors home. They really are the most accessible work I have ever done. But for me personally hold so much emotional resonance and meaning as a body of work. I look forward to making more and know when they are hung all together, someday, they will be beautiful.

I have one precious hour today before I head out so to more studio love it is.

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