Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Remembrance, part 2.

So as I had mentioned last week I stopped in to Massachusetts on my way to D.C., note the irony in the fact that this is not on my way at all, to see my good friends Lyndsey Baldwin and my long time studio mate Justin Kemp's MFA thesis show. And though it added 6-7 hours of driving onto my weekend it was so worth it - as their shows were lovely.

Lyndsey did a large installation of small paper squares embroidered with the days of the week and her profile on the days she was in her studio. The individual profile pieces were gorgeous. She used a small meticulous stitch and created lovely drawings with hair as her medium.

She also cut her long braid off and displayed it in a glass case. It was gorgeous but I forgot to take pictures of this.
I apologize for the quality of the pictures the gallery they exhibited in had Horrible!!!! lighting.
Lyndsey just started a website and blog, but it is in process, and I am hoping it will show this work soon because this and her new project are truly lovely and the web world needs to see them.

Justin is an entirely different breed. Making all of his work based on the web, inspired by the web, and available on the web. So you can check it all out here and here. Prepare to laugh out loud but also see some very poignant critiques on our culture at large.

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Brittany Noel said...

Wow, Lindsey's show looks like one that you have to see in person. I would love to study the stitches and the profiles. And Justin is, as you said, hilarious yet poignant!