Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today I am driving to Northampton to see a good friends, Lyndsey Baldwin, MFA Thesis show. I cannot wait to see it simply as an artist - but am so excited to see it as a friend. LB struggled initially in Grad school, as I did, to figure out what she wanted to make work about and how she wanted to make it.

But in the end it seems she has made a truly lovely project.

Run Stitch Remembrance
is a project which documents LB's days in graduate school by embroidering, with her own hair, the silhouettes from Polaroids that she took of her face each day in the studio.
The piece has become a meditative reflection on time, practice, and memory.
She specifically began working in this way to honor and spend time with the memories of her grandmother who died while Lyndsey was away at graduate school.

I am very excited and proud to see the work and cannot wait what to see what she embarks on next.

Just in case you are in Northampton or Amherst, Ma.
Here are the details for the gallery.

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