Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a few connective artists...

Rebecca Ringquist

So today I wanted to feature all the artists that have previously been featured here on the blog that are part of connective thread.
I was delighted that a few of my dear and talented friends submitted and that a few of my fave fiber artists submitted too. So here is a round up of connective thread artists that have been featured here before:

The extremely talented and amazing artist Rebecca Ringquist. I so wish she could have made it out to the opening- just so that I could have selfishly met her. But no such luck. Yet, I have a feeling we will cross paths many more times in our lives. At least I hope so. Rebecca's work is even more beautiful in person and if I ever come into some money she will be one of the first artists I add to my collection.
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My fabulous friend Lyndsey Baldwin- who's new embroidered paper and book pieces are just gorgeous. I was so happy to see them in person as she started doing them after she moved all the way across the country to Seattle. But in short- I love them and they made a super sweet little grouping in the gallery. Her hand and precision on the making of them is lovely. I do sort of wish the selected books had a relationship to the images... but maybe they will grow into that.
Read Lyndsey's original feature here & here.

The very talented Kim Hennessy. Her installation was fun and scary for me to deal with. She sent a huge box full of all her "flag" pieces without any instructions and so I got the pleasure of picking through them and selecting the work to hang and how to hang it. I must say I think it looked great once installed. But luckily I did have the privilege of seeing this work installed by her twice before in different ways.
Read Kim's original feature here.

And finally Stacy Renee Morrison- a fabulously talented photographer, whose work ribbon, really added something to the exhibit. I did not know Stacy when I first featured her on the blog but have since had the pleasure of coffee and studio visit a few times. She is as lovely in person as her work is. Stacy spoke at our wonderful artists talk on Sunday and as usual her long term project the girl of my dreams fascinates. She has a wonderful story of how she came to her current body of work and the strange but lovely path it has lead her on as an artist and it was wonderful to hear her talk about it first hand.
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Jane said...

all these artists are new to me so thanks for the introduction!

Joetta M. said...

glad to bring their talents to your knowledge, they are some exciting artists to know about:)