Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I am really looking forward to seeing the exhibit Bound/Unbound at the Asia Society in NYC but wanted to make sure you all know about it too in case you can make the trip to the museum. Lin Tian Miao is a very prolific Chinese artist that lived for a long period in NYC.

 Her work explores issues of the body, aging and the monotany of labor.

I am especially looking forward to seeing the exhibit as I already knew about and loved her work but her website is SUPER slow and therefore a laborious process in itself so seeing the exhibit will allow me to see more of her work without all the frustration of the web.

 You can see a previous post I wrote about her here.
Get all the information on the exhibit here. 


carole said...


Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting about this exhibition! I was in NY yesterday with my students and made a bee line to see this exhibition. IT IS AMAZING!
I often find myself so frustrated and forlorn after a trip to NY - especially if I spend time in Chelsea. But this? Changed my world! Changed my outlook and was so powerful. It was like a breath of fresh, ambiguous, disturbing, deep, dark air! (That's a good thing!)

Thank you for all you do!


Joetta M. said...

So glad that you saw it and it was awesome. I am really looking forward to it myself. And yes Chelsea can be such a disappointment all that walking for very little reward but this visit I have a list of awesome work to see none of which is in Chelsea.