Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Work by Sierra Furtwangler.

Congratulations to the artists selected!!!!!

Cutting Edge: A Celebration of Fibers

September 17, 2010 - October 11, 2010

Opening September 17, 2010 8-11pm.
Artists Talk TBA

Heidi Field-Alvarez, Sarah Bahr, Emily Barletta, Jamie Bertsch, Andrea Donnelly, Erin Endicott, Mallory Feltz, Virginia Fitzgerald, Sierra Furtwangler, Meredith Grimsley, LUKE Haynes, Tod Hensley, Jennifer Hunold, Janice Jakielski, Sheila Klein, Julie Kornblum, Lucia LaVilla-Havelin, Clayborn Jackson Lohmann, Alisha McCurdy, Margarita Mileva, John Paul Morabito, Suyeon Na, Erin M. Riley, Rebecca Ringquist, Leslie Schomp, Lou Trigg, Cayce Zavaglia


cardinal arts said...

congrats on setting up your show- can't wait to see photos of the work
hope it goes well

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations with the choices you made. For the last few days I have been looking at the work of the artists you chose and it was worth every minute I spent.

Thank you and good luck with the show.

Joetta M. said...

I hope the public likes them as much as I do. They make some great work!!! So much more work to do!