Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mama pajama

I am a bad friend as this is posted late. But it sounds like it was a great success anyway. You also have plenty of time to make it and see:

Mama Pajama Rolled Out of Bed by Marcie Paper

September 3 - October 9, 2010

First Friday Closing Reception: October 8, 2010 7-10pm.

at 1708 Gallery

Marcie is a good friend of mine from graduate school who makes some incredibly lovely work. Mostly paintings, I am lucky enough to own 2 of them, but also some very interesting stop motion animations. You can see all of her amazing work on her very fancy and uber gorgeous new website, Go Marcie.

The press release for her solo exhibit states:

Through stop-animation and paintings, Marcie Paper records visual abstractions of her experiences in the current moment. As she layers these images on the paper, they become a collection of short-term memories that help her, “hold on to a little longer, understand a little better, and have physical evidence of, (her) existence.”

The paintings and animations on display in Mama Pajama Rolled Out of Bed were created during a two year period in which Paper listened exclusively to one side of a Paul Simon album. She notes that this particular album brought her back to a former time and place in her life, and “began to wonder how much “memory-time” one album or song could hold.” The images that comprise this exhibition represent and capture specific moments in time and explore questions that arise as the artist investigates memory, experience and nostalgia.

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