Thursday, September 2, 2010

plastic baskets.

The plastic baskets of NY based artist Josh Blackwell are quite cool and a great way to utilize the constant stream of plastic bags in out lives. He re-creates basket patterns on found and collected plastic bags.

Some of them are quite beautiful- but they also remind us of our wasteful habits and patterns.

In his manifesto he states:

Carelessness with carefulness
Soft-build not athletic
Vintage and future
Casual and formal
Mountains not beaches
Volume after flatness
Grace Jones and Leigh Bowery
Ballets before musicals
Demy and Tati
Trousers or sweaters
Oxford Bags and Nantucket Reds
Sandals instead of shoes
Booking versus tooling
Imi Knoebel and Donald Judd
Paper and plastic


I am not sure if that is suppose to clarify anything for me but it's cool. He also makes some interesting work on paper. I would love to know a little more about his work conceptually.

See more here.


Monica said...

love them.


Rosetung said...

ahhh clever! with the basket weave haha cool i like

Mother Leopard said...

Thanks for posting about his work - I'm going to have to look him up now! Lovely stuff.

Joetta M. said...

so glad you think they are just as gorgeous as I do. I want to see them in person.