Thursday, September 30, 2010

life and light

I have finally gotten the mouth drawn out right and am starting to stitch at it...but the babies face is causing me trouble. In the original image he is in bright light, moving - so blurred slightly, and his little baby hand is in front of part of his face. I want to keep all that as it is so much about the moment of gazing at your newborn child all that life and light- but I cannot seem to figure out how to transfer it to stitch. We'll see.


Perpetua said...

Ah! I love to see the work in progress. It gives such information!! Thanks

Laura said...

This is very clever!
I can't even stitch!

Joetta M. said...

thanks P- it helps to know you all like seeing the process stuff sometimes I wonder.

Laura- there was a time when i also could not stitch. It is quite easy and SO rewarding to pick up.