Thursday, September 23, 2010

mode off.

So I am in wedding mode for one of my closest friends nuptials this weekend and attempting to finish her ketubah. So I am out until Monday and then more pictures of the show.

but in the mean time check out this interesting discourse. I have no opinion on it but did find the discussion interesting. I think folks should do what they want I may have a personal opinion but that is mine not theirs and there is no need for me to do what they do or them to do what I do...

How to market or not market???
an opinion: here
and here

and the source of the controversy.

What do you think?


Emily said...

I kind of understand why people aren't liking it too much, but then on the otherhand, I appreciate the message that its trying to get across, just maybe not in the right way!

I just found your blog via etsy by the way, I love your work. Its fun and lovely all at the same time :)

Elizabeth Switzer said...

I appreciate the message that the original site is trying to get across, but don't think hostility is the way to go about it.

Everything about the page reads as an angry rebuttal, not an invitation into conversation.

My work may get labor intensive at times, but I don't consider it boring or more importantly mind-numbing.

Right idea, wrong vehicle maybe?

amy rubin flett said...

i hope you'll be posting pictures of the ketubah- the first shots of it looked great! good luck and have a great weekend.

Joetta M. said...

and the interesting conversation continues.

and I agree my work is never boring, the repetition is part of why I love the work.

pictures of the ketubah are coming.