Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the life of our dreams.

Okay, get ready for the real me, aka sappy.

But... as you may have noted I have recently been selling and showing my work more and more and I just needed to take the time to acknowledge how incredibly happy and validating it is that people out there connect to, enjoy, and want my work.

I have been working at being an artist for a long time and just since the end of my graduate school career have I finally felt that I am living my dream. The dream of being an artist.

I cannot say how much gratitude I have for you my readers, my collectors, my supporters, and my community.

I do not want anyone out there to think this has been an easy road, I have worked hard at my work, my personality, my drive, my organization skills, my people skills, and SO much more. And continue to do so.

But when we were sitting around the thanksgiving table and saying our gratitude's I simply said:

I am thankful to be living the life of my dreams.

Now of course that does not mean I do not have problems, of course I do. Just ask me on a bad day. Or ask my credit card bill. Or the hospital that wants money for giving me my baby after 30 hours of hell. Or the baby when he is in a intolerable mood. But the life of your dreams is not perfect, at least in my mind, it is the life where you do what you want everyday.

I wake up, love my son, make art, teach yoga, and go to sleep with my husband. And for this I am grateful.

So for any support you lend me, even if it is just a thought, I sincerely thank you.
May we all live the life of our dreams.


Elizabeth said...

Supporting other human beings is a way to connect to oneself.

Enjoy your day.

Claire said...

Living in the moment is so hard sometimes. I'm trying hard to remember to do it. Love your blog.

Liz Noonan said...

how nice you are in a good place! it is well deserved!

Joetta M. said...

i humbly say thank you.