Tuesday, February 17, 2009

stitched portraits

Amazing embroidered portraits by artist Cayce Zavalagia.
The detail and layering of her stitches are really astounding.

Conceptually straight portraiture does not generally interest me but these are just beautiful in how photographic they are- all done with thread. She has a show in NY at the end of March- and I will definitely be there to see these in person.

She turned toward wool crewel work as a medium after her child's birth and the need to create a non toxic studio. Interesting and cool motivation.

about her work in the artists words:
the portraits of friends, family, and fellow artists. The confrontational gaze of my subject toward the viewer has remained constant…so has my search for a narrative based on both faces and facture. From a distance these pieces continue to read as paintings and only closer inspection reveals their true identity. It is my hope that this discovery would cause my viewer to advance and then retreat as they are both introduced to a family portrait and a contemporary re-interpretation of traditional wool work.


Lizzie said...

these are absolutely amazing. what patience she must have!

Joetta said...

yes...major patience.
I also love how she layers the paint you would mix your palette.
So lovely:)

Brittany Noel said...

oh. my. goodness. all i have to say.

nadia said...


joetta can i ask where you get your hoops? i have started a few things of my own but wondered of there was a cheaper supplier?

Joetta said...

I know so beautiful.


I do not remember their name off hand- bu they occasionally send me emails and when they do I will send you their name.
I bought like 30 at once so I have not bought more in awhile. But all I did was google metal embroidery hoops and only a few places sell them and I went with the cheapest. They were cheaper buying in bulk and online. But they suck to actually use so I buy the rubber ones from Michael's when I am actually embroidering.
You will ave to send pics of your work....I would love to see it:)