Monday, August 1, 2011

where does the day go???

I am in full out prep to ship mode today. I spent the morning finishing home by sewing it together with the machine. I have decided to leave all the strands from the machine. I like how this unraveling can be a metaphor for the difficulty and unraveling that at times occurs in our own homes.

I also set up the floor installation so that I could photograph it for the install instructions. It hopefully will look even better on a clean floor sans an annoying cat that will not leave my art alone and a pile of toys nearby.

I also finished the very last embroidery for the show yesterday. You like?

Here is the nest of the braid that spells out "a happy home." I am kind of loving it and want to sort of see it on a large scale? hmmmm. My brain is always turning.

Ok. back to business.


adrienne said...

hooray for turning brains! love it all. best of luck to you.

Salvaged Mutiny said...

It all looks great! I wish I could go see it in the flesh... or fiber :-) Good luck!

olisa said...

LOVE it all, but especially the redwork portrait! Wonderful work.

Abigail Thomas said...

loving it all! good luck.

cardinal arts said...

wow- fantastic work!! especially the clever
the colours of the happy home are also so eye catching
- great!

Joetta M. said...

thank you, thank you to all. I look forward to seeing pictures of it all up. Very different type of work for me to do a solo show with. I feel like they are all drawings. So fingers crossed it all works.