Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the community of the home.

I love this installation by Albanian artist Anila Rubiku. As any one who read my blog knows I love the home as subject. To me it is so rich with meaning and so fraught with tension. So Anila's work is quite perfect for me.

In a press release about this piece it was stated:

These visions make the viewer feel protected, welcome him-her to a safe haven, to the temple of domestic peace. The notion of “home” is the core of the art practice of this Albanian artist who through the art of embroidery evokes the bond with her roots, with those handicraft practices she has been familiar during her adolescence and here used once again with superb mastery and patience. Working on the borderline between art and design which is fast dissipating, these precious domestic objects express the fragility and the poetic feeling conveyed by the most intense personal and collective memories.

She often creates groupings of multiples some of which are hand made by her and personal in nature...

While other works are built by many hands through community. A number of her projects have involved the act of making within the gallery/space as performance and then what has been made is gorgeously and minimally shared after.

I have always wanted to build more community into my work and have never known how but her minimal and very professional displays of the community based work has me totally inspired and my wheels turning. Of course at the moment I should probably turn my wheels off but....

Not to mention that she draws gorgeously and this one of my favorite object in the universe needs to be in my home. Maybe someday.

See more images of her work here.

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