Tuesday, September 27, 2011


my sweet boy dancing in the sun light.

Yesterday I spent 6 long luxurious hours alone in my studio. Heaven. I got a ton of work done as much in my head as by my hands.

I had to spend some of the time tweaking and doing final touches on a few pieces that need to be ready for shows next month. One of which is my piece exhausted, I have decided to extend the lace patterning from the afghan onto the supporting sheet. In one place I am cutting shapes out of the sheet and in others embroidering them on. It is a subtle addition/subtraction but I think will make the work that much stronger.

I also worked on this piece, which is surprisingly close to being finished, as far as the embroidery goes, then we get to the applique process.

Oh if only there were 2 of me and I could be in the studio all day long every day and still be hanging with my boy all day. I know we all wish that.

I was reminded of this post today where I listed some of my favorite art quotes.

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