Thursday, September 22, 2011

hey manhattanites!!!

Speaking of the Textile Arts Center...earlier this week I went to check out their brand new space in Manhattan and it is awesome. It is a classic NYC storefront with a brick walls and a long thing lay-out so will be a very cozy place to take classes. They offer very intimate weaving classes, aka lots of personal attention, and a number of offerings such as embroidery, sewing, crochet.....

The space is gorgeous, they are still getting it set up so excuse the mess of the pictures,

It has huge bright store front windows and is just steps away from Washington Square on a bustling street.

They have their grand opening this weekend and I start teaching their in October. I have a feeling classes will be filling up once the word gets out.

So take a class with me in October I will be teaching Autobiographical Embroidery.

Autobiographical Embroidery with Joetta Maue - Glean from daily observation to create a one of a kind personal artwork by creating a visual "diary sampler" of embroidery stitches, incorporating abstraction and pattern or confessional writing and images. The "diary" of stitches will be explored as a daily act and observation. We will discuss the creative use of diaristic writing and daily life documentation, while looking at examples of contemporary fiber artists.

Sign up here.

and in November a special day time class inspired by the awesome new book, PUSH, that me amongst many awesome people am in.

In conjunction with Push Stitchery: 30 Artists Explore the Boundaries of Stitched Art, edited by the incredible Jamie Chalmers, we are offering a special class! Joetta Maue, one of the featured artists in PUSH, will teach you the fundamentals of embroidery! Learn basic embroidery stitches to utilize the process of applique and fiber collage to create fiber pieces of art.

Each class will be dedicated to a different technique each week. Each technique is inspired by artists in the book; Illustrative applique-using simple applique techniques to create simple narrative illustrations, Black work or Red work- learn to create detailed stitched drawings with just one color, using techniques like hatching, stippling, and shading, Working with unexpected materials- use your needle and thread on found and appropriated objects and images, Transparency- use traditional embroidery stitches on transparent fabrics and discuss what to consider and how this changes your working process.

Participants are encouraged to bring text, paper pages, and found fibers that have meaning for them.

Sign up here.

Check out all their other offerings here.
And if you just want a quickie I am teaching a beginning embroidery class this Sunday morning in Brooklyn at Brooklyn General. Details here.

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