Tuesday, September 6, 2011


vintage photo.

sometimes what you really need is a little space.

As you can imagine that is often hard to get living in NYC. I mean the reality is that I live in 650 sq. ft with 2 other humans, 2 large cats, and MANY plants. So space is not familiar to me. In order to get space you really just find it in your head.
So being here in Asheville in my parents spacious home, practically living on their spacious porch, looking out at their tree-filled view has been a much needed exercise of space. In ways I feel like I should be taking advantage of the free baby sitting and get to work but in other ways I just want to soak in the space.
And as any of you who are artists know often space from your work is when things really happen. I did work a little yesterday and it felt great but what felt better was to have some clear thoughts about my work- a vision for an upcoming show, some clarity about a piece that I have struggled with, and an acknowledgment of myself.
So maybe sometimes walking away from our work for brief moment can be the best way to be an artist.

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