Tuesday, September 20, 2011

extraordinary ordinary

I had a studio visit with the very sweet San Francisco based artist Sonya Philip. Sonya was in town for the Makers Faire. It was so nice to have her in as she asked some interesting questions about my work and as always I appreciate the feedback I get from others.

I like her work especially her series of ordinary objects with knitted sections. Making the original object no longer useful but creates this beautiful fragility within it.

She says this about herself and practice:

I am a knitter...The needle arts, traditionally associated with domesticity, are at once a display of femininity and a feminist statement. I have always straddled different worlds, whether through my mixed-race heritage or the mutually demanding roles of mother and artist. I am accustomed to the interplay and at home in the places where art and craft intersect.

My work is born of patience. There is a simple intricacy in each stitch and an incremental care in making things by hand. I love to see how far I can push the craft or what unlikely material I can use...

To me her work is unique and since she has more freshly come to the practice of art making, from writing, I very much look forward to seeing what she does next. See much more of her work here.

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Sonya Philip said...

Thanks so much for featuring my work! It's wonderful how the internet can connect us as artists, but there's nothing quite like the immediacy of meeting someone. It was really a wonderful opportunity to talk to you about your work, thanks for carving some time out.