Monday, September 19, 2011

fiber and the art world.

“Material Bloom” by Drew Testa

Unfortunately I never made it to see the show 'In-Organic' curated by Jennifer Hunold at Collar Works in upstate NY. I know the awesome curator and a number of the artists and it appears to have been an excellent exhibit. Sadly the pictures of the exhibit are pretty minimal and low quality but there is a nice article in the local paper about the exhibit and the state of fibers in the contemporary art world. Read the article here.

“Dumb Diesel” by Sierra Furtwangler at Collar Works

I am so delighted to see that other artists such as myself are taking control over how work is exhibited and shared. Too many times have I seen "fiber" shows installed in a salon style non cohesive way and more and more artists and curators are approaching not only the making but the exhibiting of "fiber" work with the respect and honor it deserves. Jennifer did a great job with this exhibit!

Nick Cave at Jack Shainman and Mary Boone in Chelsea.

It bodes well to me that in Chelsea right now there are 2 very well known artists exhibiting work who work with fiber in some way Do Ho Suh and Nick Cave. I am excited to see the shows later this week and hope that the success of artists such as themselves perhaps shows a lifting of the stigma always attached to fiber and fiber practices in the contemporary art world.

And I am very happy to be part of a "figurative" show in Newburgh NY alongside painters, drawers, and sculptors, where my work is looked at as art not narrowly reserved as "fiber" art.
I actually love group shows that show a diversity of medium and am looking forward to seeing my work alongside the other more "traditional" mediums.


Jennifer Hunold said...

Joetta, thanks for the lovely post. I have better pictures of the show and will edit some of them tonight and post online so you can take a peek. :-)

Also - Newburgh -is this the Ann Street Gallery? I was hoping Virginia would get in touch with you! Fill me in/send me the release. Maybe I can make it to the opening and we can visit.


Joetta M. said...

I would love to see the pictures let me know when and where they are up. The show seemed like it went great and tod said your install was awesome. yay.

yes ann street, 3 pieces will be in the show. So thanks so much for the contact. Would love to see you if i come up. I am planning on trying.

Jen Hunold said...

Here is the link to the photo gallery on facebook. It should also be on in the coming weeks.

Will email you about meeting up in Newburgh. That would be fun!

Jennifer Hunold said...

A better link to pics from the show: