Tuesday, May 22, 2012

drawing in space

Installations by Caroline Latham-Stiefel

She says this about her work:

The idea of piecing-together disparate elements strongly informs my work. I have been making sculptural installations made of such incongruous materials as plastic shopping bags, felt, pipe cleaners, straight pins, and plastic electrical boxes since 2001. My work involves both the slow, plodding movement of patching pieces of cloth and plastic to linear structures made of pipe cleaners, as well as quicker, more gestural actions that connect all of the parts into systems, making large suspended sculptures.

The installations are drawings-in-space that cover, divide, encircle, and fill the spaces in which they are situated. Monumental in scale and intensely colored and textured, the work aims to physically affect the body of the viewer. These installations take various forms: parasitic-like growths that cover interior architectural elements and outdoors structures; hanging tent forms that immerse the viewer; suspended walls that curve and divide spaces; excessive, organic masses that transform rooms into caves.

See more of her work including her drawings here.


elisvermeulen said...

great work. thank you for sharing.

Joetta M. said...

inspiring indeed!!1