Tuesday, May 22, 2012


things have been slow in my studio lately. my schedule has been crazy as I adjust to some new things and additionally continue to pursue other things. As well as try to tie up all the commitments that I already have made. I am so happy for all the opportunities but am also looking forward to my solo shows being done so I can work with less pressure.

I have finally come up with the last piece for my show in June in Brooklyn and am excited about this piece. Now I just have to get it and one in process piece done. Its possible. I hope.

Otherwise my mind has been shifting a lot towards my work and I want to explore and experiment with some new things but with these shows I cannot. I have to make all my studio time go to finishing the works for these shows.

and because my personal life has been a little wacko as of late my productivity has been significantly lower. I am feeling a shift in this and am so thankful for that. So fingers crossed time will open up before me and I can use it to its best.

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