Monday, May 7, 2012

wonderful woven...

Another show currently in Chelsea is the Sheila Hicks exhibit at Sikkema Jenkins Gallery. There has been a lot of recent attention on Hicks since her successful exhibit in Philly and this work is not very different then that work. In truth a fair amount of it is the same work.

But the installation at Sikkema Jenkins feels better. The work is somehow less jumbled together feeling so that one can really allow an individual reaction to each work. It felt much more quiet and thoughtful.

One of my favorite works was the black piece perched in the corner, Shadow of Oracle from Constantinople. It felt like something living and breathing.

Baby time again felt very different for Hicks with its ripped recognizable fabric. The overall work has much more vulnerability then most of her works and was nice to see in contrast to what is usually shown.

The exhibit is up until the 25th so when you go to see the Ernesto Neto make sure to drop in on this one too.

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