Friday, May 11, 2012

oh the process of elimination...

Ack, I love curating but oh it is so hard. There is so much work to consider and decide from. I ended up getting many more submissions then I expected and therefore have many tough calls to make. It ends up being a lot about what I think makes the most sense for the space and connection to other works while also being unique.
I got a lot a great narrative mini quilts and though they are all sweet it just would not be interesting to include them all as they are so similar so I am trying to pick my favorites. And then there is just so much other great stuff and the space itself for the show is quite small.

So wish me luck... if you submitted my process has been delayed a bit so you may not hear from me until Monday.

The work featured in this post is from the submission of Nicole Monjeau. I love the french knots as stubble.

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