Tuesday, May 29, 2012


some linens I have been loving.

As I have mentioned life has taken me mentally out of the studio a lot this month. In truth though it has been frustrating in regards to my productivity it has been a great thing. I have been thinking a lot about my work and where I want to take it as these 2 shows come together and some of the work comes to an end. I cannot wait for them to be finished and done and for me to have a little space from that work.

this linen has been a favorite and I finally know what it will become, now I just need ink for my printer so I can get an image to work from.

I am really interested in pursuing the black on white thread drawings, but perhaps of objects instead of people. And am trying to come up with what is next for my text work. I really loved doing the love letters and would like to come up with some other project that is a reproduction of already existing text. I am just really struggling with what that text would be.

for another commission.

I feel both exhausted and excited about the place I am with my work.

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