Tuesday, May 29, 2012

simple shapes

As I was on etsy shopping for a gift I fell upon the work Kim Hoffman Granstrom. Normally I do not know if her simple approach to nature inspired work would appeal to me. I was initially drawn to her fiber works.

I love the organic mounds and shapes she makes with her satin stitch and the combination of imaginative with illustrative.

I feel like the simplicity of her technique is really working for me. I want some simplicity at the moment. Her work would make nice children's book illustrations.

I actually was very into these prints/paintings of silhouettes. I am trying to come up with an idea for a museum project that I am doing with museum guests. The museum has an extensive collection of textiles and a lot of wall paper. I was thinking of doing some sort of applique project inspired by the shapes in the wallpapers. These silhouettes helped me clarify this idea and vision in a nice way. I meet with the museum this week and hope they like the idea.

See more of Kim's work here.
And see some REALLY inspiring wall paper based art here.

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