Tuesday, September 4, 2012

littered tables...

This is the state of my studio table lately; unfinished, neglected work, lists of "to-do" that never seem to get finished, paperwork & articles to be read. But I am truly hopeful a shift is in the air.

As I have been forced by circumstance to partially go back to work I have truly struggled with balancing my art in the studio, my career, my job, my child, my highly complicated husband, and my search for a more fulfilling job and often in this transition I have failed at this balance by a landslide. But I am one that always looks forward to September as a new year, a place to check back in after all the crazy of summer and get organized back into life. I am also very happy to have a new childcare situation that gives me much more support in regards to my work and autonomy as a woman.

So I go into this month hoping that soon my studio walls will slowly begin to change and evolve with new work and my table will be littered with finished pieces and new pieces begun. We can hope.

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