Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Oh how the work of artist Camela Guevara is making me happy today. It is one of those wonderfully gray rainy days that makes you love the gray and my mind is quiet and heavy with thought. So when I followed a link sent to me via the VERY talented Kristy Bishop I was so delighted with joy at the simple, subtle and truly lovely work of Camela.

In some ways her work makes me think that if Louise Bourgeois and Agnes Martin had a baby then maybe when that baby was a young emerging artist they might make work like this.

Her beaded, sewn, and stitched works combine a beautifully subtle palette....

with tiny little moments of personal memento and story....

and a wonderful sense of minimalism.

I am searching for work such as this that can inspire me as I desire to strip my work bare. I doubt I would ever be capable of getting rid of narrative, as I am a story teller first, but the minimal story or poem are often the most profound.

See more Camela here.

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