Tuesday, September 18, 2012


super cute clock idea from here.

Oh time, time, time. We just got back from a week on the west coast for my sister-in-laws wedding and WOWZA jet lag sucks. So exhausted and out of sorts but also so overwhelmed with time. AKA not enough of it. How do we do it; be mama's, work, and make art. hmmmm now that I am working again I really do not know.

I am feeling that time crazy. From all the travels we have done this summer I feel as if we have been in a constant catch-up mode and I am SO happy that we do not have any travels planned in the near future. I am itching to get into the studio and start really working again. Though I must say it is amazing how you really do make progress even when it is just little bits here and there. I am done with embroidering my baby sleeper image, now to the applique, and almost done with another plant image. But I would love to have some more work happening in the studio soon. I am hoping that is coming.

and my website will hopefully get some images of 2012 up before 2012 is over, ack.

But exhibits are happening, work is slowly being made, and tomorrow I have someone in for a little studio visit which will be nice.

time, time, time.

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