Tuesday, September 25, 2012

studio happenings...

Some things happening in my studio as of late. I had a highly productive day yesterday which was awesome. And though we had a little bit of a childcare emergency last week it has already worked out to a great solution and I am looking forward to a better schedule for me and everybody else.

I was asked to participate in a show this fall and have committed to finishing a work that has been "in process" for about a year and half. So I am going to now force myself to finish it this year so it can be part of another text based show.
Otherwise I am still working on the last plant work, a new commission work and my littlest sleeper. So many ideas and not enough time. I did recently get reminded of how much I was able to get done when I just hard core worked during t's nap. So I am trying to return to that habit and let some career "housework" go a little more unfinished.

Please forgive formatting and bad images me and blogger are in a tiff.

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