Monday, October 22, 2012

ornamental worlds..

 The imagery for an upcoming exhibit in NYC is intriguing me- though there is a minimal amount. The upcoming show at the Lithic Habitats gallery features some new installations/work by Brooklyn based artist Rose Nestler.

The work on exhibit is newer work that includes upholstered objects.  And based on her previous work it is going to be intriguing.  Most of Rose's website is focused on her earlier wall drawings.

Most recently a series done in an abandoned hospital shower.....

She says this about her work:
Through exploring human attachment to material objects, my work investigates the appreciation and gradual depreciation of the objects that we possess. I am interested in the material objects, which we discard or neglect, searching for places where discarded or outdated objects become resident in natural landscapes. I am equally interested in ornamentation whose form attempts and ultimately fails to imitate the natural world. Within my sculptures, installations and drawings, I expose the lives of inanimate objects once they cease to be human possessions.

I find her juxtaposition of domestic and banal spaces with fantasy and the passage of time quite compelling.  Her reference to the decorative elements of spaces also has a lot of potential as a conceptual tool.

I look forward to seeing  her exhibit in NY when I am in town next month for my own show.  You should visit too.

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