Monday, October 15, 2012


Definitely one of the hardest things about moving from NYC is the lack of seeing good and interesting art all the time, or at least really often.  Being here in Boston has not proven a shortage of interesting creative folks but as far as art seeing good art it has been shall I say snoozy.  So when I recently went to the galleries here I had very little expectations and for the most part those low expectations were met.

As always Sampson Projects had a a good show, this month of drawings/paintings that had a simplicity and quietness of design and sophistication of color that I appreciated. Though there website has no images of this work, weird.

Additionally I did enjoy the stuffed animal totems/alters of artist Lucy Watson's seeming in homage to childhood, sexuality, "happiness" and the unsettling nature of it all. Of course as any work made from stuffed animals there is the derivative nature toward Micheal Kelly and Annette Messeger but Lucy manages to have a freshness about it.

Her colors and animals stay mostly complete and just grow into and out of each other, they stay clean and joyful in color palate and texture but carry the same unsettling punch that Kelly and Messeger's work has. 

The gallery, Anthony Greaney, was a sweet little space with a refreshingly young voice and well curated walls.  So it is a gallery to keep my eyes on and I look forward to seeing more of Lucy's work too.

Read a review on the show here and here.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the post- it made me curious about the artist, so after searching the web i found some footage on youtube, but her response was a bit dissapointing. (relating her work to trash) as you say- it would be interesting to see what she does next.

Anonymous said...

p.s i stumbled today on this site- thought you might like it?

Joetta M. said...

thanks for the link indeed.

and always the risk of hearing an artist speak you either like their work more or the magic is taken away:(