Thursday, October 4, 2012

Self-fabricated- Wylia Sofia Garcia

Another wonderful woman of the Self-fabricated exhibit... Burlington based Wylie Sofia Garcia. 

She has an awesome name, an adorable kiddo, is incredibly lovely and makes some pretty darn cool work. My only regret in meeting her is that we do not live closer & can hang out. ermph!

Wylie has a large scale installation at the exhibit and it looked wonderful in the space. She broke up all the smaller works that were part of the exhibit with her colorful, gigantic and ambiguous installation. It really helped balance the show overall and connected nice to everything.

 Her kimono response piece is on the left, sorry no close-up:(

Wylie works a lot with reference to the body, clothing, mythology and the domestic space. GOOD stuff.

 She also had a cartography like quilt done with a trapunto, a stuffed quilting, technique. It remained totally abstract but also felt like a map of bodies.

 Much of her work is quite ambiguous and abstract but the body always somehow comes through. She has a series of actual dresses that are quite wonderful. 

 Cannot wait to see where her work goes next and I hope someday we get to exchange studio visits!!!

See more of her work here.

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