Tuesday, October 30, 2012

rambling, wandering woman

I feel a bit like a bad parent to this blog, neglecting something that I love so much. But my life has just been in such a spin of change over the last 8 months that re finding my footing has been a challenge.  Balancing all elements of my life is pretty darn hard and I have had moments of more success and less in regards to that.

T's recent and uninvited addition to a work that is a "letter to my son." perhaps his drawing is meant to be there preserved in stitch?

And to be honest I went through a period were I just did not not want to look at any art much less write about it. My last body of work was such a powerful body of work for me to make and the result of it has really shifted where I am at with my work and as you all know that can be both profound and hard.  To some maybe my new works will not seem all that different but to me they are very different.  This leaves me both excited and terrified. Will people still respond to it, will they still like it, want to exhibit it, etc?

I am not abandoning previous works, I do still want to grow the sleepers series and exhibit it much more but my mind is with the new work for sure. 

It also is creeping more and more into the drawing world, even if done with thread, and this is also scary to me. I never have considered myself someone who draws. But here I am with a white piece of linen and a black thread making images.  And maybe it is so much like a drawing fiber curators and exhibits are a little less interested - they struggle with is my work really "embroidery."

So a little bit of a ramble. But I tend to do that here.  I want to ramble, I want to wander in my mind, my studio, my favorite art books. A rambling wandering woman that is me.


Anonymous said...

Day-to-day life has an ebb and a flow to it and doesn't remain constant each and every day/week/month. If you can't get to your blog, don't worry. Live your life. We'll still come back!

Joetta M. said...

thanks... and true.